Use Google Analytics Consulting To Improve Your Web Presence


"The 'Google Analytics Individual Qualification' is awarded to online marketers who have achieved the highest level of skill in using Google Analytics. The certification provides confidence to clients that they will receive the best advice regarding their Google Analytics. Unlike unqualified consultants, a certified consultant has proven they can understand and interpret the behavior of visitors to your website and then maximize the site's performance to achieve the best return on your marketing investment."

Google Analytics Opportunities

Google Analytics is a robust software program that allows online marketers to dive into website data generated by site visitors. Google Analytics can show you how often visitors visit your website and how long they stay on each page. The analytics platform also tracks the traffic from the various social media sites your company interacts on. A Google Analytics Individual Qualification consultant can tap Google Analytics for measurable data on your company's website to determine what is working and find opportunities for improvement based upon your visitor's viewing actions. If you engage in pay per click advertising on the web, Strategies SEO can also see how well your pay per click messages are driving in new traffic. We can then use Google Analytics features to adjust your content and pay per click campaigns to better convert your visitors into buying customers.

Jared Schlar's (GAIQ) Certification for Strategies SEO

Jared Schlar, the President of Strategies SEO, achieved the 'Google Analytics Individual Qualification' as he always strives to provide the very best insights for his clients. Google publicly announced Jared Schlar's analytics certification. Jared is dedicated to ensuring that Web Marketing LLC's clients obtain the best results for every dollar spent on marketing.

How Can Strategies SEO Help Your Company?

When you hire Strategies SEO, consultants trained in web analytics will research the trends in your industry to understand the environment in which your company operates. Analytics consultants will determine how the products and services your company offers are currently positioned in the marketplace, and they will use Google Analytics to tap into the data your website generates on your visitor's behavior. With these valuable insights, Strategies SEO will design an online marketing campaign which fully exploits all untapped opportunities. Contact us to receive information on how to gain from Google Analytics.

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