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Buying a domain name is a tough decision. There are many factors to consider especially if you want to find a domain name that is more SEO friendly. Most people have not had training on this and will end up not fully grasping their domain name purchase. Don't be swayed by Godaddy and other appraisal companies. They say your site is worth actual dollars and it's likely that these estimates are inaccurate. The appraisal companies charge $25 or more for a wide ranging estimate.

Most domains that don't end with .com are worth less. Keep that in mind when you're shopping. This is due to the fact that over one trillion dollars have been invested in branding domains as .com. Other TLD's such as .info and .us are used by companies to land customers on specific pages that at first glance sound good. Keep in mind, domains represent your company's intellectual property and can be very costly if chosen incorrectly. Web Marketing LLC can make it easy for your business to acquire the right domain name.

Some of the domain names we have purchased in the past are, a free financial calculator and, a coin and bitcoin resource. We have several others but this gives you a sample of quality names. Contact us today if you're looking for assistance. Some experts say that a good name will net you in the top 10 listings on Google if used correctly. This statement can be true but varies between industries. A highly competitive industry will have more defendable first page listings. Web Marketing LLC can assist you to rank in these industries through a domain name purchase and marketing services.

After talking to many domainers, I'm lead to believe that the primary market is mostly exhausted of good domain names. According to this source, the secondary market is now the primary market. Meaning, you'll have to pay more money to buy a domain from someone who currently owns it. If you're trying to learn how to domain, it's very hard.

Domaining means buying up domain names in the hope that you'll be able to resell them or use cash parking to make revenue off of them. In reality, it's better to just purchase a quality domain name for you business.

We're here to help you navigate this process. Contact us to get the domain name your business always wanted, at a reasonable rate.

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