Jared Schlar

Jared Schlar


Jared Schlar is the CEO of Web Marketing LLC. He has previously worked as an SEO Analyst and Marketing Analyst. He has worked with the following brands: Gillette, Gillette Venus, Braun, Always, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Imprivata, Axa, Sungard, Allen School, Arkadin, EMC, Skillsoft, SecureLogix, Unica, Allora Media & 100's small businesses.

He has previously worked as an SEO Analyst and Marketing Analyst for digital marketing agencies such as Overdrive Interactive, Catalyst Digital and Allora Media. Additionally, he has leveraged his experience in the Financial Services industry to add a quantitative touch to marketing campaigns at a tactical and strategic level.

His clients have ranged from law firms, tax consulting, web marketing to design companies, solar energy, mid-size manufacturing, home services companies, wireless telecom, personal finance blog, luxury retailer, medical office and many other firms. Each consulting campaign has enabled his clients to start the conversation with their target customers more effectively online. Jared Schlar is currently Google Analytics Certified (GAIQ), which allows him to use metrics to make smart decisions to improve client performance.

Previously, Jared Schlar has worked as an IT Project Manager at a Bio-Pharmaceutical consulting company, Maxiom Consulting Group in Waltham, MA. He has worked at Blackrock, Inc. in Boston, MA in an Equity Portfolio Accounting role dealing with positions, dividends, forwards, options to foreign exchange and private placements. Additionally, he is a Entrepreneurship and Finance graduate of Northeastern University BSBA program with a healthy interest in Technology. He leverages these competencies to increase value for his clients in the form of high quality marketing and performance measurement.

Jared says, "Technical SEO sums up one of Web Marketing LLC's practice areas. "We've completed solutions that address latency and other marketing issues. We're using tools for performance optimization as well." In his free time Jared likes to employ technical solutions to life's everyday events.

He is a member of DappDevs, New Haven Ethereum Group, SEMNE, HYPE, NU Business Alumni and the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce. For more information about Jared, look at his social media profiles.

In 2017 Jared did volunteer work for Cat Tales - http://cattalesct.org/ It's a great organization and needs your assistance to help more cats get rescued.

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