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-Jared Schlar

Our site, receives an "A" in Pagespeed and scores (94/100) in Google's latest software version. Yours can score highly as well.

Many components of website optimization include changing the code base and reworking your website structure. Statistically speaking, most websites don't focus heavily on improving website speed. As a result, your company can sprint ahead of the pack with these changes. Many improvements are quite technical so feel free to contact us if you'd like some help.

Just by minifying the correct files and compressing them will help your site load more quickly with less latency. It's a win/win for every company and this type of update will never adversely affect your rankings. Think of website optimization as a risk free way to improve the efficiency of your website and rank better.

Our services are highly affordable. You'd be surprised at the untapped value these improvements will bring. Not to mention that your servers will use less bandwidth, making your company more green! The cost savings will add up too.

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